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Date Posted:10/15/2017 1:41 AMCopy HTML

Hi , my neighbour brought me his 1973 XL 125 to look at . I took the side cover off and four of the teeth on the pinion gear ar broken , thats why the kick start jams . I have been searching the web for a parts list but can not find anything . The engine # is XL 125 E 1002272 . And is it a big job to replace it ? Thank you . Gabriel 
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Re:1973 XL 125 pinion starter gear

Date Posted:10/22/2017 2:47 AMCopy HTML

Gabriel Number 009, your engine number indicates an XL 125 K0, and you can find the appropriate parts fiches at, a Dutch firm which can often supply parts for older Japanese bikes. ebay is your most reliable source of parts.

I'm not sure which pinion you're referring to.  No kick start gears are visible by just removing the right side cover; all three are inside the crankcase, which must be split to access them

If you find the cmsnl website, click on Honda, then motorcycles, scroll down to XL125, click, then click on XL125 K0 1974. A series of parts fiches will appear, scroll to transmission.  The kick start gears are #17 starter pinion, #14 idler gear, and #13 starter gear (which connects to the primary drive gear thru the clutch). If you're seeing broken gears inside the outer cover, those could only be the crankshaft primary gear, the clutch ring gear or the oil pump gear.

The primary gears or the oil pump gear are relatively easy fixes, but the kick start gears require a complete teardown and splitting the cases, not a job you would want to do without a good manual, like the Clymer manual for Honda singles, often found on ebay.  JK

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