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Date Posted:09/12/2017 5:37 AMCopy HTML

Hello guys, I am again working on my xl175...let it sit too long and had to clean the carb...issues are on full throttle it flat cuts out unless you slowly twist the throttle...the next issue is the charging battery in and charged..come back next day it wont even honk the horn.It has had this issue will cut out on a left blinker to the sequencing of the blinker.The batteries I get are the cheap 25.00  ones and they tend to last 2 years...could someone go over the steps to fix these issues?Also the tank has 2 shallow dents...has anyone tried the heat glue gun glue trick with a nail and a dent puller?? Thanks in advance....
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Re:1973 xl175 3000 mile bike issues...

Date Posted:10/14/2017 1:56 PMCopy HTML

 Hey there - quite a list you have. 

I'll start with the electrical. I have spent a lot of time learning the basics of electrical trouble shooting and 9 times outa 10 it's just an old wire or connection that needs attention - simple fix except ....which one and finding it takes more time than the fix itself! Here's a great link that I used to learn that sometimes you're better off just taking it to someone who makes a living fixing stuff like that.

The Carb issue - At the risk of insulting you, How did you clean the carb? Did you disassemble it completely and blow carb cleaner and run small dia wires thru the holes to make sure they are clear? Are you sure the Carb was reassembled correctly - float setting confirmed -  Mixture screws at intitial settings - after you cleaned it?

Outside of that - take a look at the advance mechanism behind your points and make sure the weights are moving freely. I struggled with my acceleration issues on a barn find until I realized the weights were frozen "closed"( found that by accident while double checking the gap on a new set of points I just installed - DUH!)  - once I cleaned them up and got them so they were moving freely - she ran great! I also double checked the timing, it was a static check, but did not have to mess with it. Since your bike has such low mileage, I'm gonna guess that you probably don't need to mess with it either. 

Sorry I can't help more than that, but there really isn't a straight forward answer to your issues - just keep tracking stuff down on the bike and eventually you'll find the problem. Good luck.

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