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Date Posted:07/11/2016 7:01 PMCopy HTML

Im in the process of rebuilding a 1975 xl125.  Just getting a list of parts to replace and noticed the headlight was blown which is a sealed beam and the resistor going to it looks kinda shady.  I think I can grind off the sealed beam and epoxy in a regular bulb which i believe is a 12v 35/36.5 bulb but the resistor ive searched everywhere for.  Does anyone know if theres a do it yourself replacement way or spend the 20+ bucks on finding a used one on ebay?
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Re:1975 headlight resistor question

Date Posted:10/23/2017 7:03 PMCopy HTML

Not sure about the headlight resistor, I have a couple of stock ones. HOWEVER, the 1974 Honda XL125 operates on a 6 volt system, NOT a 12 volt system.

Thought you might like to know.

FWIW I have:
2 1974 XL125's
2 1975 XL125's
1 1978 XL175
and they are all 6 volt.

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