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Date Posted:05/10/2016 6:03 AMCopy HTML

Hi Folks. New to the forum. A couple years ago I bought a 78 Honda XL175 for $100 that had a new Chinese clone engine installed. I have recently gotten around to getting it on the road. I have got the engine running now but having a couple of issues. The 200cc is wider so the footpeg on the right side of engine is hitting the motor. I have not been able to locate a extension and modifying it to clear the motor does not seem possible to me without destroying the support. Has anyone found a fix for this issue. The other issue is the clone is 12V and the bike of course is 6V. It does have electric start. What do you think the best way to convert it would be. Total 12V conversion or leave 6V and wire a 12V battery just for starting purposes. It will require rewiring no matter what. I will try to post some pics but have to head out to work right now. Thanks for your input

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