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Date Posted:12/28/2017 1:29 PMCopy HTML

Hello everyone....I recently had a 1982 Honda XL250R follow me home like a stray kitten (that's my explanation of how it ended up in the garage anyway) and have been working on getting it to purr again. The bike appears to be in good shape but it lacks a wiring harness. I have reconstructed a main loom but can't find the pin diagram for the shindenger 421A CDI. I have searched the web and found several diagrams but with variations, and seemingly none specific to the 421A.....any help on the correct pinning of the CDI? I have also searched the web for a wire harness with the correct corresponding connectors, but no luck so far. I am also hoping a donor bike will follow me home eventually......
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Re:1982 honda xl250 pinot diagram for the CDI

Date Posted:12/29/2017 3:26 AMCopy HTML

Thanks! Found my answer to the pin diagram question...

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