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Date Posted:03/18/2016 10:32 PMCopy HTML

I bought a 73 XL175 that needs a new piston and rings and it just so happens I have a pair of .50 over SL350 pistons and rings.  So, the question is, can I use one of the SL350 pistons and rings to rebuild the XL175?  The SL piston has a more doomed top whereas the XL is more flat but I'm thinking it would work...and advice would be much appreciated.
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Re:A SL350 piston in a XL175...will it work?

Date Posted:05/06/2016 7:48 PMCopy HTML

Hi Steve 6, if the the piston pin is the right size then it may well fit. I built my own big bore kit, refer to the following link.

Of relevance, the old Powrol piston I had also had quite high dome (high compression) so it can be done. The key thing will be to find out if your valves are hitting the top of the piston. You may need to get some advice from an engine builder on that one or do some googling! RR

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