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Date Posted:09/07/2018 9:02 PMCopy HTML

I have a electrical problem with my 76 XL250. The brake light is stuck ON and when i flip either left or right blinker on then the brake light goes OFF and the tail light flashes with the blinkers. I've tries jumping the ground from the tail light directly to the battery but that doesnt fix it. any other thoughts?

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Re:Brake light flashes with blinkers

Date Posted:09/08/2018 8:23 PMCopy HTML

 R Dub5,  You did not mention if your turn signals acutally work while the brake light and tail light are malfunctioning.

                 Do you have a wiring diagram for this machine (both the 250 and 350 have the same wiring diagram in 1976)?  Do a search to find one if not.

Start first by checking that all the wires to the various devices (brake switches (front and rear), relays, lights) and the headlight bucket are correctly color matched and have good electrical conductivity and that the wiring harness is well grounded to the frame near the ignition switch (sand paint and rust from frame and ground wire lug).  All these components only use DC electricity from the battery and will work when the ignition switch in the on position; the engine does not have to be running.  Also, there is no headlight switch, the headlight and high beam indicator light are on only when the engine is running.

GB500 guy has a good how to about rebuilding the rear brake light switch in his post about his XL250 Project.

Don't forget the old addage about "electrical problems take hours to find and minutes to fix".

Good hunting!!  Mark

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