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Date Posted:09/07/2018 9:07 PMCopy HTML

I have an issue with my 76 XL250. the brake light is stuck ON and when i flip either the left or right blinker on then the brake light goes off and the tail light flashes along with the blinkers. i checked the ground connections under the seat and they all seem ok. i also jumped the ground from the tail light directly to the battery and still is happening. any ideas?

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Re:Brake light flashes with blinkers

Date Posted:09/08/2018 1:09 PMCopy HTML

Hi - Looking at this wiring diagram you probably want to look farther upstream - like the turn signal switch or the turn signal relay. Those two items seem to show 

the only comon path ( via ground ) to the tailight and brake light switches. Another thing you could try is "does this only happen when you push the rear brake pedal - front brake lever"? If yes - then that could indicate that one of those switches may have failed. Good luck

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