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Date Posted:04/15/2015 4:13 PMCopy HTML

I have a 1974 XL250, and when I went in to replace the head gasket, I noticed that the cam (itself) and the grooves it sits in, to be ground down significantly (enough for cam play and subsequently tough time setting contact breaker gapping / poor starting). 

My question is what years are the head / head cover / cam, interchangeable? Especially for my '74. I'm looking to Ebay to find a replacement set, and would like to know before I jump at something that won't end up working...

Thanks for the help. 
Shadetree #1
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Re:Cam Wear / Head & Cover Wear - Parts Interchangeability?

Date Posted:04/15/2015 5:24 PMCopy HTML

I'm pretty sure that the 72-75 xl's used the same engines.
Shadetree #2
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Re:Cam Wear / Head & Cover Wear - Parts Interchangeability?

Date Posted:04/15/2015 5:26 PMCopy HTML

Oh yeah, the same 350 engines might use the same heads?
1oldgoat #3
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Re:Cam Wear / Head & Cover Wear - Parts Interchangeability?

Date Posted:04/16/2015 2:16 PMCopy HTML

 This was a problem with the motors from the git go. Especially if oil changes were few and the engines run hard. I have yet to come across a head that does not exceed the limits Honda has for the cam/cam journal wear. Some worse than others. Sounds like yours is one of the bad ones. The fix is a needle bearing cam, along with having the cam journals bored to accept the new bearings. XLint Performance offers this service and can set you up with the camshaft to meet your needs. Unfortunately this is not a low cost repair. But, it does offer long life for a problem area the Honda motor has.

 There is quite a large difference in the two cylinder heads although on some years they will interchange. Issues do arise in doing this and will cause increased expense and work. Not a plug and play deal.

skorpioskorpio #4
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Re:Cam Wear / Head & Cover Wear - Parts Interchangeability?

Date Posted:04/16/2015 4:58 PMCopy HTML

yea, 250 heads and 350 heads are pretty different, same idea and I think even the same bolt locations, but the 250 studs won't be long enough, the chain not long enough, and probably a few other dealies. 74 and 75 (or more correctly K1 and K2s) heads will interchange, the '72-73 (K0) has slightly different stud locations and is unique, the head and the barrel and the top case and the crank are some of the few parts that don't interchange between sideport 250s.

Davy123 #5
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Re:Cam Wear / Head & Cover Wear - Parts Interchangeability?

Date Posted:04/16/2015 8:00 PMCopy HTML

from put a 350 head on a 250 you need 2 350 barrel studs , a 350 cam chain tensioner,350 cam chain shortened with a half link,a 350 head gasket...and use an aftermarket  79mm piston ......or just stick complete 350 motor in ..alot easier
NSPeters92 #6
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Re:Cam Wear / Head & Cover Wear - Parts Interchangeability?

Date Posted:06/11/2015 2:47 AMCopy HTML

What I ended up doing was finding a used head / cover / cam (whole top end basically) off eBay, which cost me around $210 shipping included. Put that baby on there, and now she's running great. Thanks for all the help!

JKCanuck #7
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Re:Cam Wear / Head & Cover Wear - Parts Interchangeability?

Date Posted:03/03/2018 3:32 AMCopy HTML

  Just in case anybody cares 40-odd years down the road, here's what I have learned about XL250 major engine parts interchangeability:

Cylinder head  - narrow stud side port K0, K1, K2 to engine# 30016963

                      - wide stud side port   K2 30016964 to end

                      - wide  stud center port  '76 (K3)

        So, K0, K1, and early K2 heads are mechanically interchangeable, late K2 and '76 (K3) are mechanically interchangeable but won't fit in

        each other's frames.

Cylinder - KO has no fins on left side, K1, Early K2 have fins, otherwise interchangeable, narrow studs

            -  late k2, '76 (K3) wide studs as well as TL250 cylinder

Cylinder head cover, rockers, and camshafts all interchangeable, some covers have breather pipe into ignition compartment.  XL350 camshafts fit 

             with slightly different valve timing and slightly greater lift, modest mid-range improvement over XL250 cam

Crankshaft  - K0 6-spline primary drive, roller main bearings

                  - K1 12-spline primary drive, roller main bearings

                  - K2 12-spline primary drive, roller mains to 16963, ball bearing mains #16964 on

                  - '76 (K3), TL250, 12-spline primary drive, ball bearing mains

        All interchangeable if matching primary gear, tach drive gear, and centrifugal oil spinner are included

Transmission  -  full gear sets from XL250, TL250, and XL350 are generally interchangeable, except that  XL250 K0, K1, K2, early TL250 crankcases

              won't  accept '76 (K3), late '75, '76 TL250, and "76 and on XL350 countershafts because of changes to kickstart idler attachment.

              All  the  early XL250, TL250,  '74 and '75 XL350 gear sets will work in all years' crankcases, as long as the early idler gear, 

              washers and clip are included. TL250 ratios are low close 1,2,3,wide 4,5  Xl250 are well spaced, XL350 a little taller in first than the XL250.


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