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Date Posted:08/26/2017 12:49 PMCopy HTML

I have a 74 xl125 that I just put together, painted frame, tank etc and runs like a champ.  I had a simple problem where gas was leaking from a screw but a little gasket fixed that.  The bike sat for a week or so and when I got it started, gas was spitting out of the crank breather tube.  My guess is the float pin or needle parts need replacing.  I really couldn't find a model for the carb to get a rebuild kit but then I found whole carbs on eBay and Amazon for less than what a kit would cost.  They seem to have good reviews so I guess, as long as it fits?
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Re:Carb question

Date Posted:09/15/2017 3:43 AMCopy HTML

Should work fine if it's a carb meant for your model. It's pretty amazing how inexpensive an entire carb can be nowadays. I just put one on my XL185S last week for less than $20. Works perfectly fine right off the bat and I've used similar ones on other bikes without issues. It's an easy way to get up and running and then take your time to rebuild the original one if you want. 
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Re:Carb question

Date Posted:10/11/2017 8:20 AMCopy HTML

 You should turn off the fuel every time you put it away, float needles cant always shut properly depending on the side stand angle of lean, you may find adjusting the stand so bike stands more upright cures the problem,

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