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Date Posted:11/14/2018 12:53 AMCopy HTML

Can anyone tell me what the specs are on the clutch springs? i'm working on a 77 and my clutch discs are glazed. i've read that the springs may be shot too but i figure i have the equipment to test them so i may as well.

i have a manual for the XL175 and i wonder if the specs are the same? does anyone have any thoughts on this? or can someone tell me what the free length and spring tension is supposed to be on these?


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Re:Clutch Replacement

Date Posted:11/17/2018 12:00 AMCopy HTML


The "clutch spring free length" is 35.5mm (1.40in) with "service limit" of 34.2mm (1.35in)

The "clutch spring tension" is       23.8kg/23mm (10.8lb/0.91in) with "service limit" of 21.8kg/23mm (9.89lb/0.91in)

These values did not change over the entire period of time the XL 250/350 were produced.  The values are the same in my original 1972 XL250 shop manual and the latest XL250/350 shop manual with all the supplements and addendums.

Hope this info helps.


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