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Date Posted:10/23/2017 8:55 PMCopy HTML

I would appreciate any suggestions as to individuals or repair shops in Michigan (or Northern Ohio or Northern Indiana) ready, willing and able to rebuild one and possibly two 1975 XL 250 engines. Thanks friends.
100258 #1
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Re:Engine repair Michigan

Date Posted:10/23/2017 10:34 PMCopy HTML


Check out this site.  Chris has displayed his custom built vintage bikes at the AMA Mid-Ohio Motorcycle Vintage Days for a number of years and the work he does is excellent.  He was a featured "bike builder" at the event two years ago.  On his web site, there is a photo of an XL 350 flat tracker he built, so he familiar with these bikes.  I believe he lives in the Saginaw area.


bensdad1 #2
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Re:Engine repair Michigan

Date Posted:10/24/2017 5:46 PMCopy HTML

 Thanks, Mark...I checked out Chris' web site and sent and email...I hope to hear back soon...thanks again! Rob
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Re:Engine repair Michigan

Date Posted:11/11/2017 3:30 PMCopy HTML

Hey there - here's a great little shop I used when I lived in southwest Michigan. Very fair prices, great work. I've known Dan (owner ) for some time and can vouch for his honesty and integrity. Besides, you can't beat the fact that this shop was started by his dad and he has grown up living and breathing motorcycles. He can still load dirt bikes from backing up a pickup truck to a dirt mound in the driveway........ how many places can still say that!


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