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Forum photo is online now , members can use it in diamond forums. It is not good now and you can take a ticket to us when find any problem. Thanks for your support : )
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Date Posted:02/04/2016 3:57 PMCopy HTML

Hey guys, just a heads up... as you know if you had tried to log into Aimoo over the last day or so, you were not able to, as Aimoo has been down and inaccessible.  

This is how it was looking when I went offlline last night.


Aimoo's down-time affected all forums Aimoo-wide.  Hence, it was an Aimoo-wide issue - not just a "The XL Board" issue per se.

Apparently Aimoo had to replace a Server and it took some time to transfer the data from the old server to the new server etc which they worked on today (my time).    

It appears to be sorted now.

Thank you for your patience.  Have a great day ... :)

Go soothingly on the grease mud ... as there lies the skid demon! ...

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