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Date Posted:02/23/2005 9:45 AMCopy HTML

five of us from Eureka will be attending the Squaw Valley July whing ding hosted by the CJMC--don't have the exact weekend yet because they haven't posted it--if anyone knows it would be helpful-- we'll be staying at Boomtown (about 8 miles east of Truckee on I 80--arriving at the swap meet on friday afternoon and bailing sometime around noon or later on saturday (8 hour drive home)---anyone else in the west going?? boomtown has the all-you-can-eat lobster and steak buffet---mmmmmmmmm lobster---
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Re:July Squaw Valley

Date Posted:02/23/2005 11:47 PMCopy HTML

I'm taking it under consideration. Just got in hot water with the little woman when I agreed to go to Carmichael for a BanjoRama but didn't want to spend the night.

A typical bar tab for her is ~$20 at breakfast and goes up to $50 for meals later in the day. Figure another $100 or so for gambling losses and I am only looking vs. buying at the swap meet. Still sounds worth it to me right now to keep her from squawking. I figure if I park her in a casino at Stateline I would be able to spend more then 10 minutes at the swap meet before the "Are you through yet?" hits.

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