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Date Posted:07/25/2016 7:24 AMCopy HTML

Hi Guys,

I have a 1978 xl250s and am thinking of getting a new carb for it, looking at the vm32. Is there anything I should look out for while buying this ie the jet sizes. the bike is all standard with no modifications. Any help appreciated.

Cheers Guys.

Motomikemw #1
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Date Posted:07/30/2016 7:59 PMCopy HTML

Let me know if you hear anything, I just purchased Mikuni for my 1972 XL250 and would like to know settings also.
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Date Posted:08/03/2016 3:38 AMCopy HTML

 for a XL 350 Jetting, use a 6f8 needle, middle position, p4 or p5 needle jet, 20 or 25 pilot, 200 main. On a XL250 160 0r 170 main and a 20 or 22.5 pilot.
nh141 #3
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Date Posted:12/17/2016 9:34 PMCopy HTML

 I thought I would share my jetting for my 1981 XR 250.  I have 2 of them with the exact motor mods. Mega Cycle torque cam, 34 mm VM Mikuni  carb and a high performance silencer with a spark arrestor.  From my experience the 6 DH2 needle works great on small 200 cc to 250 cc four strokes.  Along with the 6DH2 needle, 2.5 cutaway, 230 main jet, P-8 needle jet and 27.5 pilot jet.  The air jet is removed.  I have tried different needle jets and just do not have the same performance as the 6Dh2 needle,   Power right off idle, good pull at partial throttle.  The P8 needle jet may be on the verge of being rich but if I go to a P6 I would probably have to richer on the pilot.
This is what works for me after trying many combinations.
pivnick #4
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Date Posted:05/14/2017 6:46 PMCopy HTML

thanks to both for the carb jetting specs.motor is pretty stock,but at least I'm closer. thanks again.
ulsta #5
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Date Posted:01/14/2018 3:45 PMCopy HTML

 Sudco used to do a Mikuni VM32 kit for the XL250. I have one fitted on mine. Do a search for "sudco Mikuni vm pdf" and you should be able to find it.
Just did a search and found it here.

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