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Date Posted:01/09/2013 1:39 AMCopy HTML

Hey Guys,

I am sure that there is someone on the XL list with DEEP pockets! HA!HA!  Miles Ledgerwood over in England has updated and improved the old KSI design bikes.  He was one of the blokes that worked on them back in the '70s when they were new and over the last 2 years he and Dick Tett have built their 2 Vintage MX bikes to a level that has not been seen in ANY of the Honda XL250/350 bikes built through the years.  Fit and Finish and Details are all just right or not done!  Miles is now taking orders for these exceptional bikes in full kit form.  You supply the wheels, engine and front forks.  You could even build yours with disk brakes if you weren't worried about Vintage Rules!

The cost is high, but so is the work and just about everything that you need for the build is included except for the items mentioned above.  Here is the info that Miles sent to me today on the kit.

Pleasefind below the datails of the kit and its componants.  The price of thekit prior to taxes and shipping is £9,625-00 GBP 

This is price list forKSI  XL350 engine base frame kit

Chrome plated frame/swinging arm in T45                                        

Anodized aluminium fuel tank with aircraft filler cap                      


Airbox /baffle plate                                                                               

Rear shocks i.e. Reiger or Ohlin

Exhaust system- 2inch or 1.750 inch stainless                               

Front engine plates                                                                                

Carbon fibre side panels                                                                     

Rear wheel adjusters (drilled to suit spindle)

Steering head bearings 28mm or 29mm                                            

Engine headsteady and cambox bolts                                                

Footrests and talon pegs                                                                    

Brake pedal                                                                                         

Bash plate                                                                                          

Engine stud and bolt set                                                                    

Rear mudguard (yellow)                                                                    

Rear brake cable                                                                                

Swinging arm chain guide                                                                  

Floating rear brake arm                                                                     

After testing the completebike through out this season, we are now taking orders.  Delivery isdependent on two or three suppliers subject to their workload and ability tomeet our deadlines.   Some production tooling is now being finalisedand delivery of early orders will be dependent on these being finished.


Our intension is to meetcustomer orders within twelve to sixteen weeks of receiving the deposit.

If there is a delay owing tounforeseen circumstances the customer will be notified at the earliest time andproject end date visited.  This is a very labour intensive project andevery effort will be made to deliver on time.

 With regard to the rearshocks we have costed them into the kit as it is essential to maintain thecorrect overall length and rod movement.  Please bear in mind that the kithas been priced in a competitive manner to give a discounted price.  Ifthe parts of the kit were sold as separate items the total cost would begreater.  If any part of the kit is excluded by the customer theindividual parts pricing will take place and the cost will rise as previouslymentioned.

A deposit of fifty percentwith written order will be required to commence production of kit.  Costof carriage and freight to be agreed and finalised with customer

 If there are any additions or comments youwish to discuss we will be pleased consider them.


Miles Webb

Faber Frames Ltd.


St Breward



PL30 4NX

Go soothingly on the grease mud ... as there lies the skid demon! ...

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