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Date Posted:06/10/2015 9:10 PMCopy HTML

I'm out here in Bako for the summer and I brought my little xl250. I've been reading about how crowded these places get (dove springs, Gorman, ballinger,) on the weekends. I was wondering how bad they are on the weekdays? I'm from PA so we have pretty much have designated dirt bike trails not the combo of sxs or 4x4 sections, so I have a serious fear of a sxs or something larger coming at me from the other way. My xl250 is registered and street legal so that means I don't have to pay for a non-resident permit correct?
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Re:Ohv parks near Bakersfield,CA

Date Posted:06/15/2015 3:39 AMCopy HTML

Hope you have fun. What part of Pa. are you from ? I use to ride in the Allegheny national forest in western Pa..
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Re:Ohv parks near Bakersfield,CA

Date Posted:06/20/2015 4:55 AMCopy HTML

 I'm from eastern part near Allentown. So the only trails I could hit there are the anthracite mines but that's $120 a year. Cool thing Cali and a few other states let their residents use the land for ohv recreation unlike PA where it's all privatized. Got rejected by the park rangers for not having a spark arrestor. Must have rusted out. Bought an add on for $40 just need someone to weld it on the pipe so I can ride again

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