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Date Posted:05/03/2018 2:00 PMCopy HTML

So I recently purchased a 1987 xl250 r with the Dual carb motor so here's where I run into my issue I'm not getting proper fire I have checked all wires everything test out good but when I pull my stator cover off there's oil inside now if I take brake clean and spray it all out let it dry and put it back together it will fire then it will stop then I have more oil inside. Could the oil be causing the problem with the stator if so what parts am I going to need to fix this issue any help or point in the right direction is greatly appreciated
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Re:Oil in stator cover

Date Posted:05/07/2018 3:22 PMCopy HTML

Mikey; XL Hondas, among most other 4stroke engines, don't need or use crankshaft oil seals, so that oil normally circulates by splash throughout the alternator case and drains back into the sump. Don't worry about that.  Ignition problems are rare but not unknown with the cdi units. You should invest in a shop or repair manual, which will list specific resisence values  for the stator coils, the cdi unit, the ignition coil and the trigger coil, as well as voltage outputs for the various circuits in the stator.  The most common culprit is the little ignition coil followed by the cdi unit. The stator and tigger coils rarely fail being more-or-less "oil cooled". Unless you test these components, you'll be just trouble-shooting by-guess-and-by-golly.

Back in the day (70s and early 80s) when capacitor discharge ignitions first appeared, we applauded not having to mess with points, condensors, and such; diagnosing spark failures became a lot less rational, though, the "black box syndrome ".  The answer was to have lots of extra units on hand to "cure by transplant". Most modern repair and shop manuals have test specs and techniques that minimize the guess work.

The fact that your spark comes back when you remove and replace the stator and cover is odd. If you're able to run the engine for a short while after replacing the cover, I would suspect the ignition coil insulation failure, but I would first check for pinched wires from the stator (left cover) and trigger coil (right cover), clean all the connectors and grounds, and use a new spark plug, in that order.  Good hunting!   JK

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Re:Oil in stator cover

Date Posted:05/07/2018 6:24 PMCopy HTML

Mikey; Go to "1987 stator" from Tylertech on the XL250 thread. Pages from the manual, incuding specs.

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