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Forum photo is online now , members can use it in diamond forums. It is not good now and you can take a ticket to us when find any problem. Thanks for your support : )
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Date Posted:03/11/2013 6:53 AMCopy HTML

Hey jm ... lol ... let's have a look @ those emoticons ...  smiley52

  :bow     :thumb         :lol3    :y0!      :(:        :pynd      :tb        :lurk     :*sip*      :bert    :muutt      :gerg   

  :ddog     :jerko     :baldy       :hide       :shog    
jitterymonkey #1
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Re:PSSSSSTTTT jitterymonkey

Date Posted:03/12/2013 6:31 AMCopy HTML

Hi Oz, 
:y0!I see 'em in your post, but not in the smiley area. 
Can't use them in a post or a PM.smiley40

Wait... dragging from your post works.:thumb

OZ_Sparklz #2
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Re:PSSSSSTTTT jitterymonkey

Date Posted:03/12/2013 8:40 AMCopy HTML

... lol just waiting for the other smilies you wanted added jm ... before I upload them all for you into the forum @ once ...  :lurk
OZ_Sparklz #3
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Re:PSSSSSTTTT jitterymonkey

Date Posted:03/15/2013 8:51 AMCopy HTML

... ok jm ... your emoticons have been uploaded into the advanced editor section of The XL Board - so that you can use them to post with - as requested ...

... if you'd like to see some different emoticons in your Aimoo Control Panel - that you can use with your Private Messages (PMs) you will need to approach Alice, the Aimoo Admiistrator here - as those PM emoticons are default emoticons Aimoo wide in the Private Messaging system. 

Cheerz OZ_Sparklz  smiley29

Go soothingly on the grease mud ... as there lies the skid demon! ...

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