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Date Posted:11/23/2013 6:36 AMCopy HTML

Hi everyone -  Hopefully someone can share their experience with after-market engine parts, particularly the very inexpensive top-end rebuild kits coming out of China (probably the XL China-clone makers). Anyway, I'm having a heck of a time finding standard size rings for my 75  XL125.  Lot of NOS over size rings but my piston is decent and the bore just needed a little honing and will spec out for standard rings which I found on eBay for $50.00 (and only one source).  But I see entire kits with the new piston, rings, wrist pin and retaining clips for just $15.00 with FREE SHIPPING from Hong can that be?  So, questions are:
- Are these Chinese rebuild kits any good?
- Will 76 and later Honda NOS rings work on a 74/75 piston (Honda shows different part numbers).
- Will CL or CB rings work in/on the XL piston (those are readily available)
-  And why is it so hard to find engine parts and gasket sets for 74/75 but tons for 76 and later?
Thanks for any help.  If you just know one or two of the above or just want to share your general thoughts and experience I'm all ears...thanks again
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Re:Rebuilding XL Engine - Chinese after-market kits...your thoughts?

Date Posted:11/23/2013 10:21 PMCopy HTML

 Well, you take a chance.  The Chinese parts are NOT up to the quality level of the Japanese parts at all.  They will probably work but I would rather use Japanese stuff for the next several years until the quality improves.

Compare the piston diameter sizes between the 74/75 and the 76 models.  Honda sometimes made 1/2mm change in bore etc..  If they are the same then the rings should work just fine since they really didn't have any reason to change the ring thickness etc..  Sometimes changes in rings were things like going from a single oil ring to a 3-piece ring.   Both would work, the 3-piece is probably more efficient.

For CB and CL rings, again check the bore/piston size, not much different in the old 125 engines if you are looking at all with the 2-piece head.


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Re:Rebuilding XL Engine - Chinese after-market kits...your thoughts?

Date Posted:11/25/2013 5:47 PMCopy HTML

 I got a honda generator a few years ago since I loved my first one so much. Its a pos cause its made in china and I didnt know it at the time. Made in china may not always mean its not made well but it does a lot.

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