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Date Posted:11/18/2017 2:12 PMCopy HTML

 Hi guys: I have a good lower bottom from a SL 100 I have a good top end off of a SL 125, I know I would have to split the 100 case down and put the 125 crank in it, are the 100 and 125 lower cases the same?  what else is involved in this swap?   thanks
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Re:SL 125 into SL 100

Date Posted:06/24/2018 11:49 PMCopy HTML


You shouldn't have to do anything complicated, since the sl100 and the sl125 share the same crankshaft, at 49.5mm stroke, the sl100 having a 50.5mm bore for 99cc and the sl125 having a 56.0 bore for 122cc. The cylinder, piston, and head from the sl125 should bolt right on. In the early years Honda often built engines with increases in mind  and running gear with most parts interchangeable within displacement classes. Still do to some degree. You'll probably need SL or CB125 base and head gaskets pre-'74. Good luck.       JK

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