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Date Posted:10/25/2018 12:34 AMCopy HTML

can someone provide some insight into the assembly of the tach gear into the cylinder head cover? the diagram doesn't help much...

the diagram shows a washer (31), a ring (34), a collar (12), another washer (32) and a seal (36) all on the tach gear before its inserted into the cover. however, it seems to show that the groove on the collar for the ring should be at the bottom of the assembly. this doesn't really fit in the cover very well as the ring catches on a shoulder on the inside of the bore and the collar doesn't go far enough in. it makes more sense to have the groove and the ring at the top of the assembly so the collar can be inserted farther into the bore.

second question. the seal fits snugly on the shaft of the gear but is loose in the bore. in fact once installed it'll fall right out if i turn it upside down. is it supposed to be this way?

if someone could explain the correct procedure and maybe post some pics for me i would appreciate it a lot.


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