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Date Posted:07/10/2006 5:20 AMCopy HTML

Good afternoonJust trying to find if there is a place all the tl250 owners hang out. I am trying to get my old girl back up and running and wanted to ask similar owners were you may find parts outside of e-bay. Was wondering what the make of carb was for the 1976 model and if there is a kit still in existence. Also would like to paint the bike but am not sure what the colours might be called or do you justtry and matchas close as possible. The side panels have the paint missing on one side but otherwise not cracked. do you just sand off the old paint and repaint? Are decals (aftermarket available anywhere) any help or links would be greatly appreciated. Would love to get her back up in fine shape for trail riding with my grandson. Thks for any help.Tim Smith
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Re:Tl 250

Date Posted:07/10/2006 11:09 AMCopy HTML

There are too few of us anymore...too few...

To get to some of your questions...mine is the stock carb with a slightly leaner pilot jet do to a new exhaust with any XL, David Silver in England, Western Hills in CA and CMS in Holland (I think...), B&J Racing in TN has a lot of "after market" stuff...I got extra carb stuff from Western Hills by the Honda Part #'s.

Am going to be trying to "match" paint myself, soon, and plan to go to a PPG Paint store and see if they can help me out...


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