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Murray Gray
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Date Posted:03/23/2006 8:18 AMCopy HTML the AHRMA Trials in Gainesville FL...Experienced a mechanical failure on the TL causing my firstDNF in three years...Cam Chain Tensioner failed (broke away at the top and droped into the case behind the flywheel...making a bunch of rubber and aluminum bits...). Though,as a testament to the XL engine, I was at the far end of the loop and managed to ride all the way back to the pit area without pushing at all...I have come to lovingly refer to it as my Suburban...yea, it may take a five acre field to turn it around in...but you can pack it slam full of *&^% and will still take you anywhere you need to go!3.5 hours aftergetting home, the 300 was in and running...(since I am still waiting to get my TMI frame and new falcon shocks to get back from B&J...)Cheers...Murray
Murray Gray #1
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Re:Trials Update...

Date Posted:03/31/2006 9:27 PMCopy HTML

I just read the other day, on the AHRMA page that they gave me credit for the event...NOT a DNF...I completed only 4 sections of the first loop...and STILL beat 2 other people!


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