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Date Posted:09/27/2018 4:09 AMCopy HTML

Like the title says looking for both plastic sidecovers or what you have for a 78 xl350,could use some 76 ones as well Thanks Paul

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Re:WANTED 1978 350 side covers

Date Posted:10/24/2018 10:49 PMCopy HTML


 Some members have adapted side covers from the early CR250's.  I used them on my '76 XL350; they were purchased from DC Plastics.  You can see some bikes with them on in "MEMBER'S BIKE PIXS"  in the member section of the home page.

These plastic side covers are some of the hardest to find and most valuable used parts for the center port XL's.

Good Luck, Mark

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Re:WANTED 1978 350 side covers

Date Posted:11/01/2018 3:31 AMCopy HTML

Thanks ill check it out

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