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Date Posted:06/22/2018 8:50 PMCopy HTML

Hi I was looking at what will need done if/when im able to update my chain and sprockets which appear to be original from 1975,chain is def. stretched.
(note:I have not yet ridden this on roads etc,only few test little rides in park behind house to try sort carb issues etc.its not yet plated/legal)

I found this info:

XL175 - 1973 / 520-94 / 14-42

XL175 - 1974 / 520-94 / 14-38

XL175 - 1975-1978 / 520-94 / 14-36

where above reads as follows;

model/year(s)/chain size-link count/front-rear sprocket tooth count
UPDATE jsut found this info on bikebandit so now im even more confused!!!!

bikebandit has this
1975 Honda XL175K2
Front Tire: 2.75-21
    Front Rim: 21
    Rear Tire: 3.50-18
    Rear Rim: 18
Stock Chain: 428 x 116
    Front Sprocket: 16
    Rear Sprocket: 44
 Battery: 6N6-3B
    Spark Plug: B7ES
So,has anyone ridden  on these different years,and can speak on diff. rear sprocket tooth counts effect had on speed?.

(Im guessing they changed it for a good reason? as to why it went lower each time.)

Im learning about this as I go,but ,lower on rear would be better top speed?
(like on a rural road where 45mph is max  speed limit. (mainly where id be using the xl175 ,between here and my mom's which is half hour away,and for in town;and also if i ever found fields to look for arrowheads or something for physical therapy exercise etc.)

So far what ive been reading, lower front tooth = 'faster' response/low end,
And a change to rear lower teeth,(less revolutions)=higher speed ;sort of,has to do also with max hp,
and finally something about,1 diff in front equals 3 in rear?
(but I also read somewhere; you should only change rear- if you have enough hp/excess to make up/rather utilise the diff?

Considering what im reading,and hondas changes to the rear count;would/should have made noticable diff between 73-78 over the course of changes?

Also im having trouble ,rather i cant even find one of those "chain sprocket combo deals" for my year  sizes  - XL175 - 1975-1978 / 520-94 / 14-36
if i got a front and rear sprocket from diff. places are they going to have same 'pitch'??(  (another term i saw.)
(and of course looking into all this, now im seeing/ learning about oring,xring chains etc,etc. decide on worth xtra cost,yes but low funds is factor)

I found one site-mainly racing stuff- but it is for aluminum rear; where i could name the tooth count,but im not racing,weight isnt issue,longevity is hence prefer steel sprocket

So id like to hear hopefully anybodys 1st hand expierience ,pref. on xl175 with sprocket changes and results,
possible sources for my sprocket combo etc. 
what id end up with if have to go with diff,front or rear tooth counts,
and sugg for what to use and why?

(im assuming chain link count wouldnt change? it didnt in table above.)
and lastley Thanks anybody who gets thru this post and has a moment or word to say,I know most of you are probably out riding:P

Go soothingly on the grease mud ... as there lies the skid demon! ...

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