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Date Posted:03/18/2016 4:35 PMCopy HTML

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for both side covers left and right for a 1974 Honda XL175 colour is Mars Orange.

Very difficult to find, need some help.



steve6 #1
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Re:XL175 Side Covers

Date Posted:03/19/2016 8:59 AMCopy HTML

Yes, difficult to find and when used ones do show up on eBay they're often damaged and the NOS ones get ridiculous prices.  Don't get hung up on the Mars Orange - the red ones from 75 can easily be painted with Valspar Island Orange which is a near perfect match, plus any 73-74 Mars Orange used ones will need repainting and decals anyway.   There are reproduction covers from Thailand for a reasonable price and I've heard the quality is better than NOS - better high strength fiberglass.  That's probably the best option unless you want pay NOS prices for when they do occasionally show on ebay.  Good luck!

jamonos #2
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Re:XL175 Side Covers

Date Posted:03/20/2016 2:46 PMCopy HTML

Thanks Steve.

Go soothingly on the grease mud ... as there lies the skid demon! ...

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