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Date Posted:09/09/2018 6:21 PMCopy HTML

Hello there, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the compression should be on a stock 73 250 engine. Trying to decide if I want/need to tear it down. Thanks!

XLKirk #1
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Re:XL 250 Motosport compression

Date Posted:09/10/2018 2:29 PMCopy HTML

Well, according to my Clymer's -XL250 is supposed to have 199.13 PSI. The XL175 and XL350 are listed at 171 PSI and 170.4 PSI respectively. Compression ratio's are listed: XL175 - 9:1, XL250 - 9.1:1, xl350 - 8.3:1. 

Not sure what a good value would be to determine whether the motor needs to be rebuilt. 

Good luck

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Re:XL 250 Motosport compression

Date Posted:09/10/2018 2:41 PMCopy HTML

 The Honda shop manual specifies for the XL250 K0 and K1 ;

Compression pressure--14.0 kg/cm3  (199.13 Psi) -- (using kick starter)

The wear limit was not given.  Remember this is the specs for a new motor. 

Do a search on this site for topics dealing with compression and engine tuning for additional information.

One bit of information that I value from the XL Board when tuning my Xl 250/350 motors; is to set both intake and exhaust valve clearances at 0.004 instead of the smaller values given in the specs.  The thinking is that it will let the valves seal better when the motor is at operating temp.


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