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Date Posted:04/29/2016 12:39 AMCopy HTML

Hello my XL's headlight resistor-the one mounted on the right side of the handlebars with the white wire that plugs into the headlight harness inside the headlight bucket- gets REALLY hot within just a few minutes of the bike running. So hot at times that it appears to smoke. I shut of the bike. Ive om'd it out it checks out at the 3.6 . Ive checked all the grounds etc...everything looks good and everything works.

Is there a fix for this?


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Re:XL Headlight Resistor getting really hot is there an upgrade??

Date Posted:05/01/2016 6:57 AMCopy HTML

I can only think of two possibilities. First if the low beam filament was burned out then all power from the lighting coil would be going to the resistor, rather than just part of the current. But I assume that's not the case or you would have mentioned it. More likely is that the resistor is a generic one not capable of handling the power. Even though the resistance is correct, different types of resistors have different power ratings in terms of what they can handle without overheating. Does it look like the stock one in this eBay ad, a hollow round tube made of green ceramic over windings?

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