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Date Posted:05/05/2017 4:22 AMCopy HTML

Greetings! I have a 1979 xl250s that I bought off cragslist in pieces. The previous owner had the timing chain snap while riding but he had a new chain, piston and a cylinder head so for 200 bucks i decided to take the gamble. I have just gotten it all back together, and I am missing the 2 cam chain tensioner adjustment bolts (not sure if i lost them or the other guy did). I am having trouble figuring out exactly what I need so if anyone could provide some info or links I would greatly apreciate it. Also Im working toward making it street legal and could use some advice on putting a speedometer and other gauges. on it, seems like its lived off road for a while and only has the headlight and horn left.
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Re:Xl250s missing parts help?

Date Posted:05/05/2017 5:05 PMCopy HTML
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Re:Xl250s missing parts help?

Date Posted:05/05/2017 6:35 PMCopy HTML

I always found CMS and Honda Partshouse to be a good source for exploded diagrams. As well you can find the part numbers for everything within those diagrams on each site. Both offer a few of the smaller basic parts for sale, although your best bet to find replacement parts for the engine, speedometer, etc. would be checking around on Ebay. 

Edit:Looking around for a bit found out that David Silver Spares actually manufactures parts that fit a lot of older bikes, including the '79 XL250S.

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