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Date Posted:04/26/2014 2:16 AMCopy HTML

A while back i purchased a 79 Xr 500. I was told the motor  was rebuilt but the decompression mech was out of adjustment so i would have to stand on the kicker to roll it over. Immediately after i bought it i set it up properly & it kicked over the way it should. 2 things learned. Dont ever buy a  bike with a motor rebuild untill you see the receipt from a reputable shop. Second dont ever,ever,ever, use the bike without the decompresion release set up properly. Soon after i purchased the bike i had a clutch failure, due to improper installation by a rookie,Soon after that i found myself being a rooking by having trouble adjusting the timming chain. (dont do it while the bike is running)(even if the manaul says so). THe chain over tightened. the bike was shut off, chain re adjusted in which it promply jumped 2 teeth. leaving the bike rather lazyuntill one day i tore it down. I kept tearing it down. further & further untill i was left with nothing but 2 empty cases. Another lesson here. Untill you remove every last bolt,pc you dont know what damage is lurking behind it. After removing the kickstarter shaft,gear i found the crankcase was cracked around the kickstarter shaft bore, I expect from 200 lb+ guys standing on the shifter to get the bike to roll over. This crack allowed stuff to be so loose in the casing that the kickstarter gear also tried to saw thru the bottom of the crankcase. None of which could be seen untill i took it apart.  Someone moved all the thrust washers to surround the damage & try to support it. It was done improperly & made the problem worse. Another example was the oil pump. I looked in the ports as best i could, it looked fine, I then took it appart, Its amazing how the pump looked after it was fed a meal of steel shavings. (scrap) Another lesson, dont, dont just take apart every bit, clean , measure & blindly re assemble the way it was taken apart. Compare to a schamatic. Bike bandit or CMS are both excellent sites. You might find some discrepencies. Who knows who has been in there. It takes a lot longer but im only doing this once.
Hope this helps someone.  

Go soothingly on the grease mud ... as there lies the skid demon! ...

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