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Date Posted:04/21/2017 7:21 AMCopy HTML

to patch and also prevent the hole getting bigger,(water getting in to foam etc )
i believe its the oem seat,id have to go downstairs in daytime to really 'check',ive only had it 3 weeks or so;
but if it is oem....
is it leather? pleather? vinyl?   
ive seen in the past-vaguely/remeber ;some sort of patch type kit/product on t.v....that showed them fixing like,a sofa,a car seat etc.
I would really  like to hear  life expeirience and product(s) used ;
and end results and opinions,
would you use it again? or not,try something else 'next time' and why....
thanks all.

skorpioskorpio #1
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Re:**Best product/method to Repair pinky- nail sized Hole In Seat ?--**....

Date Posted:04/21/2017 6:38 PMCopy HTML

If it was leather, 30 years later, it'd smell like an old wet dog, it's not, it's vinyl, um which is why it probably smells like an old wet dog wrapped in a shower curtain. It's basically marine vinyl and as such there are tapes from marine supplies to tape over the hole. If the "TV" product you are referring to is the one where they squirt some goop over the hole, cover it with some card that is supposed to simulate the grain, and apply an iron to it, hmm I tried that product back in the day, it was truly awful a chunk of vinyl the shape of the tip of the iron just melted and stuck to the card, so instead of having a hole I had a triangle of the backing fabric of the vinyl with a hole in the middle. and an iron full of goop. Maybe there's a technique, but I think I was maybe 14 and didn't posses that technique... and didn't really like spending my paper route money on buying my mother a new iron either.
iwantthat77 #2
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Re:**Best product/method to Repair pinky- nail sized Hole In Seat ?--**....

Date Posted:04/24/2017 10:20 PMCopy HTML

good info,and storey,kinda? l.o.l.  i had to replace some neighbor girls mood ring which i had out of curiousity put in the freezer,it went black and never changed colours again,the days of pet rocks and mexican jumping beans
makoman #3
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Re:**Best product/method to Repair pinky- nail sized Hole In Seat ?--**....

Date Posted:10/23/2017 8:18 PMCopy HTML

For a black seat, I use liquid electrical tape. just get a popsicle stick and slather it on!


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