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Date Posted:04/26/2017 2:06 PMCopy HTML

 anyone have unused circlip,washer,spring,and #10 ball bearing for lower end of a 1975xl175 kicksart arm/bracket? let me know,
my kicker works/worked till about 3 weeks after got it,and working on it,(2 days ago) after it came apart,i looked and there was no spring,or ball bearing,no washer,and the circlip was mashed up it was just barley on there.circlip broke so...

 I would like to have the kicker mounted and in working order,but 'save using it' for an emergency/situation where bump starting might be less do-able then a kick .

Ive seen the fate that awaits it ;and seen no real pre-emptive fixes,I saw one post where someone beefed it up welding to another,if i had the skill and tools id probably do that .

(is the kick starter shaft an issue on any other honda xl models? bigger ones etc?
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Re:pleaany1 have unused -circlip,washer,spring,and #10 ball bearing for 1975xl175 kicksart arm/bracket?

Date Posted:04/28/2017 12:29 AMCopy HTML

I checked on the spring 28333-310-000, clip 28293-333-000, and washer 28294-333-000. The CB 360 uses these same parts as shown in it's kick starter too. Since this is the case I think I might have a CB 360 kick starter laying around. If not Western Hills Honda shows they might have those parts on stock.

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